Rafting / Kayaking / Angling Tours

“Feel your heartbeats amidst the wild wonders of Northeast India.”

River rafting and kayaking is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling and physically demanding adventure sports in the world. The adrenaline rush and the excitement experienced while riding and tumbling down the white waters of fast flowing rivers is simply unmatched by any other sport.

North East India is emerging as a go-to destination for river rafting and kayaking, owing to the powerful rivers that offer `raft-worthy’ rapids, like Bornodi(Assam), Subansiri (Arunachal Pradesh), Teesta(Sikkim), and lots of tributary rivers of the mighty River Brahmaputra, gushing down from the enormous heights of the Himalayas across suspended gorges and high cliffs, bordered by plush greenery.

These places for River rafting / kayaking are known for its scenic locale and varied levels of rapids to choose from, according to level of expertise and skill of non- swimmers, first timers and serious adventure enthusiasts. Also you can go for angling as these rivers have some of the most sporty fish the Golden Masheer.

So give whitewater rafting / Kayaking / Angling with Adventura a try and I’m sure that you will find it adventurous and thrilling. You can join Adventura for both day and overnight rafting / Kayaking / Angling trips from October–March. Get started.