Frequently Asked Questions

What does Adventura do?

We, Adventura, are an adrenaline driven highly trained and skilled community in Mountaineering and River Rafting . We organize Rafting, Cycling and Treking expeditions seeking to provide you with a fine, raw and wild mountaineering experience with the help of our experienced River Guide, trek leaders Mountaineers. We at Adventura have gone in to the roots to provide you with great itineraries keeping quality, service and safety at the foremost.

Our facilities include hygienic food, sturdy equipment, and comfortable accommodation among others. Our relationship starts with the following words “Get dressed, we are going on an adventure.”

How do I book trip through Adventura?

Currently, we will be accepting booking through online mode only.

  • From our site via BOOK NOW option for activity you choose to book with us.
  • From events created on our Facebook and Instagram page of Adventura.
  • You can also book trip with us via mail on our registered email-id.

Once you choose the activity then you will need to fill up the booking form with required details, make payments to confirm your reservations. Once it is done all details along with the confirmation of booking will be emailed to you.

Who will be leading us during the activity and who else will be going with us excluding co-travellers?

We will be providing well-qualified River Guides, Trek leaders along with a team of Supporting Staff and Porters with a Guide having good knowledge about the area.

What are essentials I should carry during the activities?


  • 1 pair of trekking pants
  • Thermal underwear (top/bottom)
  • 3 short-sleeved t-shirts [Preferably quick-dry or regular cotton]1
  • long-sleeved travel/trekking shirt
  • Pajama/sleeping pants
  • Underwear
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Flip flops or river shoes
  • Rain Coat / Quancho
  • Gloves

Other Trekking Gear:

  • Lamp
  • Rucksack [Preferably 50-70 L]
  • Quick-Drying Travel Towel
  • Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Water Bottle / Thermal Bottle
  • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
  • Walking stick
  • Hand sanitizer gel and soapHead
  • Toilet paper
  • Batteries, memory cards

Personal Medical Kit:

  • Band-Aids,
  • Aspirin/Tylenol
  • Cipro (or other stomach antibiotic)
  • Amoxicillin (or other basic antibiotic to treat sinus infections)
  • Rehydration packets
  • Duct tape (magic in preventing and managing blisters)

What are the amenities Adventura will be providing during the activity?

  • Stay and accommodation on Expeditions will be in Guest house, home stay and Tents.
  • All meals.

Equipment for Rafting Expeditions:

Equipment for rafting expedition provided by Adventura will be Rafts, Life Jackets, Sleeping bag, Sleeping mattress, Kitchen equipment, utensils, crampon and tents (2 or 3 person tents).

Equipment for trekking:

Trekking equipment provided by Adventura will be Sleeping bag, Sleeping mattress, Kitchen equipment, utensils, crampon and tents (2 or 3 person tents).

Equipment for Cycling:

Equipment for Cycling expeditions provided by Adventura will be MTB Cycles, Helmets, Sleeping bag, Sleeping mattress, Kitchen equipment, utensils, crampon and tents (2 or 3 person tents)

Permits and visiting fees:

For some places we have to take a permit and in many cases, we have to give a fee for it.

Medical and First Aid, Oxygen Supply Cylinders:

For any medical or mountain sickness Adventura will be providing Medical Kits and if required Oxygen Cylinders for high Altitude Treks.

Professional River Guides, Trek leader, Supporting staff, Porters and proper Guide:

We will be providing well-qualified trek leaders along with a team of Supporting Staff with a Guide having good knowledge about the area.

How early should I make a reservation?

We recommend you to make reservation with us at least 20 days prior to departure. As we need to ensure that all arrangements for you are done with prior information to operators for every new booking.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

In case you wish to cancel your activity please e-mail us. To Know more in details please refer our cancellation and refund policies in links.

How many people are expected to join a tour?

We keep our group sizes low so you have the freedom to move around and get involved with your surroundings, as well as more personal attention from our local guides. This intimate size ensures that your group will not crowd your experience. You can expect up to 15 travellers on a trip but the average is 10. Check individual trip pages for maximum group sizes.

What if in case of any emergency situation, how me and other people will be rescued?

In case of any possible emergency situation Adventura will be making arrangements for you to reach the nearest road and stay from where further rescue can be carried. Here it should be understood that Adventura is not liable to pay for any expenses during rescue activity if you are sent down. Only you will be solely responsible for bearing all the expenses of the whole rescue activity before or later. Adventura is not liable to pay for the expenses in rescue activity if you are sent down.

Evacuation or dealing with emergencies is extremely difficult in the mountains. It is time-consuming as well. A normal trek of 2 hours may take 6 hours in an emergency (a sick person is not easy to evacuate). Doctors do not go along with a team. Doctors are not available at the base camp or nearest road head either. Adventura leaders are trained to administer first aid and know how to deal with issues related to the mountains. However, they are not doctors.

Registering for the activity is an understanding that you have read up on the difficulties of River rafting, Mountain Cycling and high altitude trekking and understand the risks. You have also understood what is Hypotermia, Spinal Injuries, AMS, HAPE and HACE are. You have taken efforts to educate yourself and you are in a position to manage your own adventure related emergency.

What is the fitness level required for the activities and how hard are the activities?

It is very essential to have a little bit of fitness regime in you. A half and hour jogging approx for a week before the start of the adventure is all you need to try any of our adventure related activity. Most of our activity are moderate. But we have activity which are easy as well as difficult and hard.

What equipment do I need to carry?

Adventura will be carrying and providing below listed items:

  • Rafts
  • Life jackets
  • MTB Cycles
  • Helmets
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Kitchen equipment, utensils.
  • Crampon and tents (2 or 3 person tents)
  • Apart from above list you will need to carry your own personal gear.